Saint Father Serra Barrel Artifact

Father Serra


Born in Petra, Palma de Mallorca, Spain on 24th November 1713, Father Serra travelled with 14  monks from Mallorca, Spain & Founded 21 missions of California.  These missions grew into major cities.


A Stained Glass Father Junípero Serra Barrel


The barrel was created in honor of the 300th Anniversary of Father Serra and his Agricultural legacy.

The Barrel  was  created with  the  Artistic Direction of Shawn Barrett, Stained Glass by  Judson Studio and drawings by Artist Andre Miripolosky and blessed on the 300th Anniversary of Father Serra by Bishop Garcia and Bishop Clark in Carmel, California  and presented to The President  of  the Balearic Islands of Spain in Los Angeles. CA.

  • Illuminated Father Serra Barrel
  • Top of the Father Serra Barrel
  • Blessing of the "Father Serra Barrel"
  • 300th Birthday of Father Serra
  • Father Serra Barrel

A Tribute to Father Junípero Serra


1713 / Father Serra was born in in Petra, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.



1768 / Travelled with 14 monks from Mallorca, Spain to revive the former Jesuit missions in Lower California


1769 / San Diego founded.



1770 / Carmel (Monterrey) founded.  Below is a picture of “First Mass at Monterey”



1771 / Los Angeles (San Gabriel Mission Founded).



1776 / San Francisco



1784 / Father Serra passes away in Carmel (Monterrey)



1931/ Serra’s Statue in the Hall of Presidents – The Founding Father of California



1988/ Father Serra beatified.



2013/ Celebrating the 300th Anniversary of Saint Father Serra with a very special stained glass barrel blessed by three Bishops.

Father Serra Barrel

Father Serra founded 21 California Missions over the course of his life.

The 21 California Missions grew into major cities in California.  The Mallorcan Monks educated locals how to cultivate and irrigate land.

The Monks also brought U.S.’s most significant agricultural crops, including:

Wine – Olives – Citrus fruits – Almonds – Garlic – Figs – Horses – Pigs – Goats – Sheep – Donkey’s